Rights Restoration

Fight to Restore Your Legal Rights

Retain a skilled rights restoration attorney in Virginia Beach, VA

In the state of Virginia, anyone convicted of a felony automatically loses certain civil rights, including the right to vote, serve as a notary or run for public office. The good news is that the restoration of your rights is still possible. If you've completed your sentence, turn to a rights restoration attorney at Rasberry Law, PC.

Our law firm in Virginia Beach, VA has extensive experience helping ex-felons enter back into society. Pencil in a meeting with your local rights restoration attorney today.

How can you qualify?

How can you qualify?

Because of recent legislation, seeking the restoration of your rights in Virginia has never been easier. Anyone previously convicted of a felony is eligible as long as:

  • They are no longer incarcerated
  • They are not being investigated for another crime
  • They are not under parole or probation

It might be possible to have your rights restored without making any moves yourself but reaching out will always help to speed up and initiate the process. Hire us today for assistance in drafting your petition in Virginia Beach, VA.