Reckless Driving

Don't Let a Reckless Driving Ticket Ruin Your Record

Consult a local reckless driving attorney serving the Virginia Beach, VA area

Though traffic violations are extremely common, a reckless driving ticket should be taken very seriously. Before you plead guilty and accept the penalties, you should contact a reckless driving attorney at Rasberry Law, PC in Virginia Beach, VA. We'll review every detail to determine if you have a chance at dropped charges or reduced penalties.

Our lead attorney spent years as a public defender, so he has first-hand knowledge of local prosecutors and judges. Our legal team has a combined experience with thousands of traffic and criminal cases. Schedule a consultation with a skilled reckless driving attorney today.

Why is it important to fight a reckless driving ticket?

Why is it important to fight a reckless driving ticket?

Though you don't technically need an attorney to fight a traffic ticket, defending yourself alone is rarely your best option. It's especially important to retain a top attorney for a reckless driving ticket because this infraction can:

  • Raise your monthly insurance cost
  • Put up to four points on your license
  • Result in extensive jail time

If you already have existing points on your license, you could be facing suspending driving privileges. Don't hesitate to call - we'll get started on your case right away. Meet with attorney Rasberry in Virginia Beach, VA today.