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Even if you've been found innocent of a crime, arrest records can tarnish your reputation for years. Having a criminal record can make it difficult to find a job, advance your career or even purchase a home. But it is possible, in many circumstances, to have your record cleaned. Contact an expungement attorney today at Rasberry Law, PC in Virginia Beach, VA to discuss your options.

Our local expungement attorney will review the details of your arrest to see if it's possible to get your criminal records expunged. Then, he'll follow up by submitting a petition and attending hearings on your behalf.

Clear your name

Clear your name

In most cases, if you've been charged with a crime but not convicted, you can get your criminal records expunged. Our attorney will walk you through every step to complete the process, including:

  • Obtaining copies of the warrant or indictment
  • Filing a petition for expungement properly
  • Obtaining your fingerprint card from local law enforcement
  • Scheduling and attending a hearing with a judge

If the Circuit Court judge grants you the expungement, your record will be officially and legally cleaned. Reach out to us today to learn more about how to receive an expungement in Virginia Beach, VA.