Bond Hearings

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Have you been convicted of a serious crime? A bond hearing attorney at Rasberry Law, PC can get you out of jail so that you can face your charges in the comfort of your own home. Our lead attorney in Virginia Beach, VA has attended thousands of bond hearings to fight for our clients' rights.

Our lead criminal defense attorney knows the judges and prosecutors well, with decades of experience in the local courts. He'll fight to get you released as soon as possible. Call today to set up a meeting with your bond hearing attorney.

How does a bond hearing work?

How does a bond hearing work?

During a bond hearing, your criminal defense attorney will request that you be released, using either your word, available evidence or a specified dollar amount. The prosecution will be present at the hearing to either agree with our request, deny it or present an alternative proposal. We won't back down until we get the best possible outcome.

If you or your family need assistance to pay your bond, we can set you up with a Virginia Beach, VA bail bonds company you can trust. Consult attorney Rasberry today.